About Me

I created my first website at 16 years old and sold it to my friend because I couldn’t keep up with the pressure of ensuring it remained up-to-date while juggling education and assisting my dad in running his automotive business. Since then, I have learned a lot! I manage my site while handling many other tasks, including running a successful online store for smart gadgets! Here is my space to share personal experiences and honest reviews of the AI and business tools that I have personally tested and used to grow my business from scratch.

Before you assume that I’m a lucky lad, how did I get here?

My name is Perminus, and I’m excited to welcome you to this corner of my digital world.

I enrolled for a BA in business administration and went ahead to complete a master’s in accounting. Soon after graduation, I got a job at a prestigious Silicon Valley bank. I thought it was a path to happiness and an initial step to living my dream life. However, I found myself spending a lot of time behind the counter with minimal interactions with people and a lot of stress to achieve tight targets. Guess what? One morning, I woke up and could not do it anymore.

Then, my passion for the internet and technological tools clicked back. I started testing out new AI and business tools and perfecting my skills. After several years, what have I achieved so far?

  • I experienced unraveled freedom to work on different projects from anywhere and travel a lot with my friends and family.
  • Work pressure has ended, and I don’t have to break my back to attain stringent targets.
  • I launched a successful online store where I sell smart gadgets
  • My family is proud of me, and I managed to move them to a new apartment.
  • Although I don’t work in Silicon Valley anymore, I bet I have sufficient financial freedom.

You will find me HIKING OR CANNONING when I’m not testing and experimenting with AI and business tools. These outdoor activities allow me to connect with nature and recharge my creativity. I also love reading great books to supercharge my ideas and knowledge.

In this blog, you can expect expert opinions of AI-driven tools that I have personally tested to improve your productivity and earning potential. I will help you navigate the crowded AI field and avoid mediocre applications that overpromise but do not deliver. As new AI tools emerge, you can stay here to stay informed.

Feel free to connect with me for in-depth and unbiased guidance on any AI and business tools you want.

All the best